Animal Control

The Town of Clinton Animal Control Department is dedicated to providing Prompt, Courteous, and Professional service to the residents of Clinton.

 The primary goal is to prevent the spread of rabies through education of the public about state and local laws, encouraging responsible pet ownership through education thus reducing animal cruelty and abuse and protecting the public from dangerous animals.

 Animal Control’s secondary goal is to provide the service of impounding strays, responding to animal-related calls, wild or domestic, citations as necessary, investigations, and prosecution of animal abuse and cruelty. The department also strives to keep its officers up to date with continuing education in animal law and care and to continue to reduce the number of strays through education, spay/neuter programs, and networking with rescues and shelters.

Your Pet is your responsibility.

Make sure your Dog is licensed and wearing its tag.

Only you can identify your pet when it is not wearing any identification.

Check with local veterinarians or the Clinton Animal Control Officer about obtaining a microchip for your pet as a backup identification system. All pets that are found are scanned for microchips.

 When Your Pet Is Missing

  • Check the entire house and yard.
  • Check and alert neighbors/postal carriers to be on the lookout.
  • Patrol neighboring streets.
  • Contact Animal Control and provide the information for a lost report, and visit the shelter at least every other day. Check our Lost Pets. 
  • Check the local papers for found animal ads.
  • Check local Veterinarians for injured strays.
  • Place a lost pet ad on social media. (Facebook, Craigslist, etc.)
  • Place flyers at shelters, vets, and local stores.
  • Don't give up hope too soon, we work diligently to return lost pets