The Clinton Council on Aging was established on February 28th, 1966.

 "It was voted upon motion of Town Solicitor, Gerald A. Cafarelli that the Town vote to create and establish a committee to be known as the Clinton Council on Aging for the purpose of carrying out programs designed to meet problems of the aging in Clinton in coordination with programs of the Mass. Commission on Aging established under Chapter 6, Section 73, of the General Laws, said committee to be established in accordance with Chapter 495, of the Acts of 1956, and Chapter 40, Section 8B of the General Laws, as amended.  Said committee shall consist of not less than three (3), nor more than five (5) persons shall be appointed by the Board of Selectmen from the voters and residents of the Town of Clinton, subject to the provisions of the charter.  The Chairman of the Council, when appointed, shall designate the remaining members of the Council from interested and representative groups in the community."

Meetings are held monthly at the COA Center and are open to the public.

See AGENDA CENTER for upcoming meeting dates and times.

Council on Aging Board Members

     Chair: Jo Lisa Chouinard- appointed 8/16 (S)

     Vice Chair: Sheila Azorandia- appointed 8/20 (C)

     Clerk: Claire Lent- appointed 5/18 (C)

     Debra McMahon-Cote- appointed 12/10 (S)

     Steven Mendoza Jr.- appointed 4/18 (S)

     Henry Tencati- appointed 9/19 (C)

     Winnie Hastings- appointed 7/23 (S)

* (C) COA Chairman appointed & (S) Selectboard appointed.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Clinton Council on Aging Board, please email

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