What is Meals on Wheels?

The Meals on Wheels Program is a meal program offering a well-balanced meal to adults through home delivered services or congregate dining sites. It is a federally funded Nutrition Program that encompasses both the familiar Meals on Wheels Program and Congregate Dining Sites. Meals on Wheels volunteers deliver nutritionally balanced meals to home bound elders and adults with disabilities while Congregate Dining Sites provide the opportunity for those elders who are able to leave their homes without assistance to come out to eat and socialize. The Nutrition Program is available in our 28 cities and towns service area.

Menu standards are based on current federal and state guidelines. Each meal contains at least 1/3 of the current daily Recommended Dietary Allowance of nutrients and considers the special dietary needs of the elderly participants.

In addition to the Regular home delivered meal, Elder Services offers the following medically tailored meals:

         1. Cardiac/Modified: For consumers requiring a low sodium & reduced carbohydrate diet. The daily meal comes with skim milk and contains no more than 70 grams of carbohydrates and 900 mg of sodium.  A low carbohydrate snack is provided daily to enjoy between meals.

         2. Chinese: For consumers who prefer Asian influenced meals like pork lo-mein, orange chicken, tofu w/bok choy and dumplings.

         3. Latino: For consumers who prefer Latin inspired meals including pastelon, coconut fish, paella and enchiladas.

         4. Low Lactose: For consumers needing a reduced lactose diet. Daily milk will be substituted with lactose-free milk and meals high in lactose will be produced with lower lactose ingredients.

         5. Renal: For consumers with decreased kidney function requiring a sodium, potassium and phosphorus restriction. Juice is sent with the meal instead of milk.

         6. Texture Modified: For consumers with chewing/swallowing issues..Food items will be chopped, diced or pureed.

Congregate Dining Site Locations
Located in senior centers, dining sites are locations where adults aged 60 and over and younger adults with disabilities can enjoy good food and good company. 

Adults, at least 60 years of age or qualified adults with disability who are determined to be “homebound” are eligible for home delivered meals. Any adult over the age of 60 may participate at the Congregate Dining Site.

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