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Clinton Adopts Chapter 43D

On the Special Town Meeting held on October 1, 2008, the Town of Clinton overwhelmingly voted in favor of adopting Chapter 43D, which allows for Expedited Permitting of specific parcels, known as Priority Development Sites (PDS).  Any site deemed to be a Priority Development site is assured of providing an answer on all permits at the local and state level in no more than 6 months.  The sites approved at the Special Town Meeting are:

172 Sterling Street *  +- 9 acres  - Water/sewer/utilities/road access
89 Brook Street *  +- 1 acres  - Sewer/road access parking lot
1 – 55 Green Street  +- 8 acres  - Water/sewer/utilities/road access
 285 West Boylston Street  +-15 acres  - undeveloped land zoned commercial/industrial
 460 – 530R Main Street  +- 10 acres  - Water/sewer/utilities/road access

*These two sites are contiguous.  For additional information on these sites, please visit the link for the Board of Assessors.

Clinton Adopts Biotech Zoning By Creating Overlay Districts

At the same town meeting that approved Chapter 43D, voters also approved the creation of 4 biotech overlay districts.  These districts are located on the same parcels that were deemed to be Priority Development Sites.

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