Clinton Council on Aging Staff

Staff October 28 2021


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"To serve as the Resource Center for Clinton residents ages 60+ and those who may be providing care for them. We will provide services and programs that include health, education, nutrition, recreation, transportation, and advocacy for these residents."


The Clinton Council on Aging building was once the private home of John Foster. It was built for Mrs. Foster in the early 1880s. The house was built as a scaled down version of a Parisian Chateau. At the time of the house’s original construction, there were 20 separate rooms spread among 3 floors for residential use. Each of the rooms featured hand-carved woodwork, each room decorated with a different type of oiled wood- oak, maple, cherry, or walnut. The leaded stained glass windows are imported from France. The downstairs ceilings are decorated with paintings.

 John Foster lived in the home for 15 years until his death in 1897. The home was purchased by Albin Burbank and in the early 1900s Dr. Walter P. Bowers, a physician and surgeon at the Clinton Hospital spearheaded a group to form the Clinton Home for the Aged People in October of 1902. The building has been used as the Council on Aging since 2015.