Fuel Assistance

All households including renters where the cost of heat is included in the rent can apply for Fuel Assistance through New England Farm Workers Council which is the location for Central Massachusetts towns.

First Time applicants to Fuel Assistance will need to call New England Farm Workers at 978-342-4520 STARTING NOVEMBER 1, 2022 for steps to apply.  

Please make sure you have the following items available to submit with your application ( NEW Customers & RENEWALS)

  1. Current Valid ID
  2. Proof of Address ( if a renter, you will need a copy of lease AND a landlord rental form)
  3. Birth Certificate and Social Security card
  4. Proof of income for all residents over 18 years of age ( Wages ( last 4 paystubs), Social Security (benefit award letter), Alimony/Child Support (Copy of checks, Divorce decree or Court order), Bank Interest( Bank statements), Rental Income (proof of rent received, water/sewer, property taxes), self employment ( previous years taxes) ) 
  5. Gas and/or Electric Bill ( if Propane or Oil, vendor name is needed)

 If you need help with applying, please call the COA Center to speak with Melissa Sargent, Outreach Program Resource Coordinator at 978-733-4747 Ext 307.