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Downtown Improvements – September 2020 Render


The Downtown Clinton Revitalization Program includes streetscape and transportation improvements in support of commerce, investment, community pride, and the quality of life that we are all able to enjoy in Clinton. 

Beginning in September of 2020, the reconstruction of High Street and Church Street will begin. 

Improvements will include:

  • Full-depth roadway improvements-including drainage. 
  • New sidewalks and curbing.
  • Pedestrian and intersection improvements.
  • New street furnishings and landscaping.
  • Improved signage.
  • State of the art decorative lighting throughout the project area.

The project includes the reconstruction of:

  • High Street from the intersection of Union Street to the intersection of Water Street; approximately 1,860 feet.
  • Church Street from the intersection of Walnut Street to the intersection of School Street; approximately 820 feet.
  • A segment of Union Street, for approximately 200 feet. The total length of the project is approximately 2,880 feet. 

Click on this link to view a Google Map of the project area.

Project Cost | Funding

Funding for the reconstruction of High and Church Streets is provided by the Town’s Infrastructure Stabilization Fund, and by a $1.5 million grant from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Massworks Infrastructure Program, which targets infrastructure projects that support housing production, spur private development, and create jobs. 

Total project cost is approximately $4.5 million. 

Work Schedule 

Construction activities will occur between the hours of 7:00AM and 5:00PM, Monday through Thursday. No work will be performed on weekends without prior approval from the Town. A minimum of 24 hours advanced notice will be distributed in advance of any planned construction activities. 

Traffic Management 

Vehicular and pedestrian travel on the public way will be maintained during construction and access to doorways will be provided at all reasonable times. If so directed, temporary access walkways will be provided to ensure safe passage under all weather conditions.

  • In the work zone, traffic delays are to be expected. Drivers may wish to seek alternated routes during construction hours.

  • Roads and surfaces will be uneven at times. All motorists- and motorcyclists, especially - are advised to use caution while traveling through the work zone.  
  1. Week 7: Scheduled Construction
  2. Week 6
  3. Week 5
  4. Week 4
  5. Week 3
  6. Week 2
  7. Week 1

Scheduled Construction Activities: Week 7

Note: Updates are based upon two-week “look-aheads” provided by the project contractor, I.W. Harding Construction Co. Inc., of West Bridgewater, MA. Schedule is subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances, including weather, delivery of materials, subcontractor availability, or unknown subsurface conditions.

WEEK 7: BEGINNING MONDAY, November 2, 2020;

  • Monday-Thursday: The full-length reconstruction of High Street will begin on Monday, November 2, 2020.  While disruptions are inevitable, the reconstruction of High Street will be phased in such a manner as to minimize inconvenience to residents and businesses in the work zone.
    • Construction Impacts: During the full-depth area reconstruction of High Street, the west side of the roadway will be closed end-to-end for milling and grading operations. No parking or traveling will be allowed on this portion of the road for approximately three days while work is performed. Once the west side is complete, parking and travel will be allowed on the gravel surface so that construction may resume on the east side of High Street. Similarly, no parking or traveling will be allowed on the east side of High Street for approximately three days while work is underway. 

High Street Parking Restrictions

Beginning on Monday, November 2, 2020 and continuing to approximately Friday, November 11, 2020; ongoing construction will require the following parking restrictions be put in place on High Street:

Monday, November 2, 2020 – Friday, November 6, 2020:            

  • No on-street parking allowed on the west (even-numbered) side of High Street.

Monday, November 9,2020 – Friday, November 11, 2020:           

  • No on-street parking allowed on the east (odd-numbered) side of High Street.

These restrictions are being put in place during the full-depth reconstruction of the High Street roadway. Customers will have access to local businesses during this phase. Two-way vehicular access to local businesses will be allowed by police detail. 

No Resident or Overnight Parking will be allowed on High Street during this phase. Enforcement will be by the Clinton Police.

Keeping in mind the needs of local businesses, residents and employees are urged to seek other parking accommodation during this time. Duration of these restrictions is subject to change due to weather or other extenuating circumstances.

On-street parking may be available on:

  • Walnut Street
  • Prospect Street
  • School Street
  • Union Street
  • Nelson Street

Public parking lots are located on:

  • Church Street
  • Walnut Street
  • Water Street


It is encouraged that the public supports local businesses in downtown Clinton. The walkable row of businesses in the project area creates an opportunity for visitors to explore the community, and gather a sense of Clinton's identity. From every shop to the banking, legal, and municipal services that are necessary for daily life, local business enclaves invite shoppers to stay longer and interact with their friends and neighbors. A thriving shopping district plays into the vitality of the community, producing a positive impression of the Town overall.

When it comes to supporting the local businesses in the downtown area, you can do a lot of good even if you are unable to visit the business in-person. Follow businesses in the area on social media and make sure you share their deals, sales or announcements so that you can network and help them get a wider net for people who will be interested in shopping there. Buying local helps to make our community stronger, benefiting neighbors in a network of economic and social relationships, and contributing to local interests in Town.

Visible, temporary easy-to-read signage is on-site to help customers access the stores and restaurants in the project area, so they will be alerted that businesses are open during work.


Our Team is available to you for the duration of this project. Should you have any questions or concerns about this project, you may email or call (888) DTN-CLTN or (888) 386-2586. Calls that are received after work hours or during the weekends will be returned promptly the following business day.

Stay up-to-date on the project by following the Downtown Clinton Revitalization Program on social media.




Downtown Renderings – September 2020 (PDF)

2018 Clinton Wayfinding Report (PDF)

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