Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


The Town of Clinton embraces and is strengthened by the unique and dynamic backgrounds of its community members.  The Town believes in fostering and maintaining a safe and welcoming community, which is based on mutual respect for our residents, students, employees, businesses, and guests.  The Town of Clinton will implement its commitment through its:

  • Dedication to education and programming that reflects the unique diversity of our community, elevating the cultural awareness of all who live, work, and visit the Town.
  • Commitment to provide inclusive and equitable access to all Town activities, facilities, programs, and resources. 
  • Commitment to and accountability for advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in our government. 
  • Maintenance of partnerships and positive relationships with all members of Clinton and its surrounding communities.  
  • Recognition of all aspects of human differences including, but not limited to: Race, color, ethnicity, language, immigration status, gender, gender identity, sexual preference or expression, age, ability, religion, and criminal history - all contributing to the richness of our community while empowering our community members. 

The Town of Clinton stands and works for these values because it fosters a safer, more welcoming environment and better quality of life for members of the Clinton community.